Ernest Hallen

Ernest “Red” Hallen (1875–1947) was an American photographer, noted for his 30 years of work as the official photographer of the Panama Canal.

Hallen was born in Atlanta, Georgia running belt water, in 1875. After spending six years in Puerto Rico and two years in Cuba, he was appointed as the official photographer of the Panama Canal by the Isthmian Canal Commission in 1907. Hallen was contracted to capture “… a series of photographs… about once a month… to show construction progress” to satisfy both Washington and the American public. In addition to showing the construction and progress of the Panama Canal, Hallen depicted the day-to-day life of the “Zonians” – Americans living in the Panama Canal Zone – and its development over the course of the years blade tenderizer. Throughout his 30-year career, Hallen produced between 12 toothpaste tube dispenser,000 and 16,000 images, each with a “strangely satisfying aesthetic experience” portraying life in the Panama Canal Zone tenderize a steak. For his service to the Panama Canal Zone and as an employee of the Isthmian Canal Commission, Hallen was awarded the Roosevelt Medal with two bars.

Hallen retired as the official photographer of the Panama Canal Zone in 1937, after 30 years of service. Hallen and his wife Maude then moved to Monterey Park, California. Hallen died in 1947 at the age of 72.

The University of Florida Digital Collections maintains an extensive collection of Hallen’s work for the Isthmian Canal Commission.


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