1929 Australian Championships

The 1929 Australian Championships was a tennis tournament that took place on outdoor Grass courts at the Memorial Drive, Adelaide metal meat tenderiser, Australia from 19 January to 28 January liter glass bottle. It was the 22nd edition of the Australian Championships (now known as the Australian Open), the 4th held in Adelaide, and the first Grand Slam tournament of the year. The singles titles were won by British Colin Gregory and Australian Daphne Akhurst.

Colin Gregory defeated Richard Schlesinger 6–2, 6–2, 5–7, 7–5

Daphne Akhurst defeated Louie Bickerton 6–1, 5–7, 6–2

Jack Crawford / Harry Hopman defeated Jack Cummings / Gar Moon 6–1, 6–8, 4–6

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, 6–1 thermos insulated drink bottle, 6–3

Daphne Akhurst / Louie Bickerton defeated Sylvia Lance Harper / Meryl O’Hara Wood 6–2, 3–6, 6–2

Daphne Akhurst / Edgar Moon defeated Marjorie Cox Crawford / Jack Crawford 6–0, 7–5


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