Shooting at the 2010 Asian Games – Men’s 50 metre rifle three positions team

The men’s 50 metre rifle three positions team competition at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China was held on 18 November at the Aoti Shooting Range.

The men’s 50 metre rifle three positions consists of the prone, standing and kneeling positions, fired in that order, with 3×40 shots for men.

The men’s match has separate commands and times for each position, giving each shooter 45 minutes to complete the prone part how to make your beef tender, 75 minutes for the standing part, and 60 minutes for the kneeling part, including sighting shots for each part.

The top eight competitors reach the final, where the score zones are divided into tenths, giving up to 10.9 points for each shot. The men’s final consists of ten shots from the standing position thermos drink bottle with straw, with a time limit of 75 seconds per shot. The competition is won by the shooter who reaches the highest aggregate score (qualification + final, maximum 1309 drinking glasses from bottles.0).

South Korea won the Asian Games team title of this men’s 50m rifle three positions event. The Korean trio of Han Jin-seop, Kim Jong-hyun and Lee Hyun-tae, collected a combined total of 3489 points.

All times are China Standard Time (UTC+08:00)

Prior to this competition running belt bag philippines, the existing world and Asian records were as follows.


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