Joseph Stevens Jones

Joseph Stevens Jones (born September 28, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts – died December 29, 1877 in Boston, Massachusetts) was an American actor local football jerseys, playwright, theater manager and surgeon. He is the son of Captain Abraham A. Jones and Mary Ann Stevens.

Dr. Jones’ father, a sea captain who had been in the employ of the Russian American Company (Alaska), died in 1819 in Unalaska, leaving Dr. Jones and his four siblings to be raised by his mother back in Boston. Dr. Jones debuted as an actor at the age of 18 in a production of “The Turnpike Gate” in Providence Rhode Island. He was at different times proprietor and manager of the Old National, Tremont, and other theatres in Boston. In 1843 he graduated from Harvard Medical School, and held the place of city physician for several years during the administrations of Mayor Wightman and Mayor Lincoln. Dr. Jones was a member of Mechanic Light Infantry, and was connected for many years with the old First Regiment as surgeon.

Dr. Jones married Hannah Canterbury Dexter (1812–1870). They had four children. He married second his first wife’s sister, Louisa Goward Dexter (1814–1890). Nathaniel Dexter Jones, (1838–1912), his son, was also an actor and theater manager. He was a member of the Howard Athenaeum Stock Company for many years and was connected with the stage for 52 years.

Jones was a prolific author, writing about 200 plays. The most popular among them were:

Dr. Jones also published a novel in 1871, “Life of Jefferson S. Batkins, Member from Cranberry Centre, Written by Himself, Assisted by the Author of The Silver Spoon”.

Jones supported copyright protection and adequate compensation for authors. Source: In this letter, Dr. Jones points to the weakness of the copyright laws, that several of his plays have been performed throughout the States without remuneration to himself. He also notes that his plays were meant to be performed, not read.

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